Benefit from our know-how Creative and economical solutions made of steel and plastic

Our experiences and certifies assembly team will meticulously assembly your components for a fast and cost-effective solution.

We not only fit our own equipment but also elements provided by other suppliers. We are also able to disassemble your old equipment ans dispose our fit correctly.
We produce double walled pipe in accordance with Germany’s Water Resources Act and „PVDF-HIGH PURITY“ pipe as well as HDPE and PP-H/R pipe.
Our fitters are certified professionals in accordance with SCC document 16 and 17. They undergo ongoing professional training and hold all the necessary welding tickets.

Your partner since 1969

People build for people - that is our leitmotif. We deliberately focus on people, because they are the ones who develop processes, plan projects, create components or perform for them. By living this motto on a daily basis, we also ensure the success of our customers.

We see ourselves as a partner for SMEs - the needs and future visions of our clients are the starting point for our holistic and individual plans. Transparency, trust and understanding are the basis for successful cooperation with our customers, but also with our colleagues and business partners.